Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another Method to Silence Abused Injured Soldiers at Fort Sill

February 8, 2006

The Command Sgt. Major of the PTRP (Physical Training & Rehabilitation Program) Battery met with its inmates at Fort Sill on Wednesday, February 8th. She informed the injured soldiers that the Army had an Open Door Policy. She cautioned the PTRP inmates to be careful what they told their family members, as things could be interpreted incorrectly. In addition, she revealed her bias by stating that she would, “of course”, after any report then check with the drill sergeants to see “what really happened.” Drill Sergeant Langford was seen to be strolling in and out, and it’s hardly a mystery why no Privates stepped forward at that time to challenge “what really happened.” Regarding family members, the Com. Sgt Major stated that if any phone calls were received regarding mistreatment of injured soldiers, Fort Sill staff would be sure to tell their own side of the story.

After the meeting, Langford crowed about his early victory. He informed his victims not to worry, that he wasn't going anywhere. He’s been coached now, about how to legally continue the abuse. Here’s yet another Catch 22 for the injured soldiers: The Drill Sergeants do not order the injured individuals to do injurious tasks (such as hand scraping the floor, moving heavy furniture, etc.). They merely state (as they have in the past) that a certain task must be complete by a certain time or else battery wide punishment will be exacted. If an individual who should not be performing a potentially injurious task performs it, he is violating his medical profile and will be punished if he admits to having done so. That’s what I would call “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”. But apparently the Army, in the person of Sgt. Langford and his chain of command call, “pushing you to the limit of your profiles.”



Blogger CD said...

Another reason not to join the USAF

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are so appaulled with that has been going on with these soldiers.. Then why dont u turn to the real decision makers and "action takers" .. Who do u think is reading this damn site.. No1 gives a shit.. Each minute spent by u and other spineless i take it family members and friends of these wounded soldiers is a minute spent in probably agony and distress while ur sittin on ur comfy chair typin all this. Get up group (yes that means that perhaps u might have 2 speak 2 ppl on the phone or even the Big1,,, MEET PPL FACE 2 FACE.. discuss it write ur petitions sign them and in a few yrs u might get something.. Or u can start from ur local radio and work ur way up... Only way 2 get the brass 2 listen is 2 get the rest of them 2 listen as well.

A Marine

6:23 AM  
Blogger Pat deV said...

Thank you for your response. As it happens, I have already spoken to people on the phone and in person. However, until the situation is resolved, I will continue to report the incidents and information I receive.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My father-in-law, mother-in-law and myself tried to bring my husbands case to the attention our congressman. You say I'm not doing shit? November 2005 I emailed a dozen stories to the media. Wake up people it took a person dying. I warned them. I got in contact with the surgeon generals office. The only repsonse I ever got was "sorry they are not doing anything out line". I went so far as to contact the base commanders office. Everyone know syrequill is a dangerous drug. In pychiatric care it is considered a last resort drug because it does have the potential to slow your functions down so low that you body will cease working. I know this because a friend of ours was hospitalized because of the drug. To combine it with trazadone is appalling. If those doctors were in the civilian world they would loose their practice. This happend because no one would listen. Ms. DeVarennes isn't the only one who took action agianst Ft. Sill and got no where. I was ready to take them on in December of 2005 now I want them in Leavenworth. In case anyone is curious Major Barry Whiteside, the physical therapist in charge of PTRP, was transffered after falsifying records. Privates were told he was being relieved of duty. He's now Ft. Leanorwood. This is gone far enough. I am very supportive of the army. My husband got through all the hell at Ft. Sill to move on with his career. Only the families who have put up with Ft. Sill PTRP can understand how bad it is. I dare the army to prove me wrong. I actively challenged them. Because of them I lost an entire year with my husband. My husband went into PTRP the day before Pvt. Scarano. I will not say husband knew him well, but his death has affected him. You can email me at if you wish to contact me. I'll put my side of the story out there but husband is restricted because of negative ramifications. We yelled at the top of our lungs and got nothing. I hope this changes the army's tune.

11:45 PM  
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