Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Few Words & Soldier's Blogs and Photos

I look at my blog and realize that it's been over a month since I posted. What happened? We are lucky. My son came home on two-weeks of leave from Iraq. He was able to spend some time with his wife and kids, siblings, and me, his Mom. In some ways it was harder to say goodbye than the first time. Maybe because last time I was in shock. This time I'm just damned discouraged...for all of our sons and daughters, present and future. I have drafts sitting on my hard drive, too much to say without the right words. I'm discouraged and disheartened that, despite more clear evidence indicating this war, at least, was unnecessary, most seem not to care. I couldn't believe it the other night when a CNN news "guest" expounded the tired nonsense about fighting the terrorists over there instead of over here, and the so-called moderator did not point out that EVERYONE now knows there were no links between the 9/11 terrorists and the war in Iraq...let alone the fact that a war in Iraq doesn't prevent anything from happening over here...

So while I get my act back together and finish those drafts, I've decided to share some blogs and flickr photo sites that I peruse, of soldiers who have been or are in Iraq. This is an independent action -- I didn't ask their permission. These links should not be construed as an endorsement by the linkees of anything I have written on this blog. The thumbnails are teasers to get you to follow the links to their sites.

  • My Inner Child Plays With Matches--Mike C's Blog

  • All the King's Horses--Daniel's Blog

  • Fight to Survive

  • Leonard Clark's Blog

  • A Soldier's Thoughts--Zachary's Blog

    Zachary/Nevadog's Flickr site

    Enlisted Cowboy's Blog

    Enlisted Cowboy's Flickr Site

    luodanli's Flickr site

    ob1left's Flickr site

    Jeff G's Flickr site

    At Ease's Flickr site